POPULAR CITIES IN US,10 Interesting facts of New York City.

New York is the beautiful city in US. It has a major tourist places. New York is the dream city of the every person. Nickname of the New York The Big Apple.

 10 Interesting facts of New York City :

  1. The Famous Landmark of France gifted the Statue of Liberty.It is the most iconic Landmark since 1886, in the United state of America.

The Statue of Liberty gives a massage holding the right hand and holding the torch they represent the light that shows the observing freedom of the path.

The Landmark of Statue of Liberty is 305 feet. Declaration of Independence in roman numerals.

2. 800 languages are  spoken in New York City . Main language spoken in English. Approximately 65% of people spoken  people in English Language.in New York city. Other languages spoken in New York city  are Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Korean,French,Tagalog, Italian, Hindi,Urdu 0.6%.

3. Oysters are  the most popular in New York city. They used the street in Pearl . They Used in the Food , and the other Jewellery. By the 19th century the city was known as the capital of the world Oyster in New York city. Oysters are so expensive they have Luxury items, and difficulties farming and harvesting.

4. Famous business in New york city in the Financial services. , Retail  trade,Professional and marketing services. New York is the sponsor of the colleges and sports. More than 200,000 businesses located in the  New York cities.

5. Famous Food for New York city in Pizza, Hotdog, Chinese cake ,Matzo ball soup , corn beef sandwich etc. Official food of New york is the Apple.New york breakfast is the egg sandwiches and the croissants. 

6.  New york has the shoreline Northern Atlantic Ocean and the fresh water rivers .New York city  near the Atlantic Ocean The Hudson river. the fresh water and following the mountain. New York City has great beaches from Rockaway to Coney island. The New York river is a rare and delicate and fresh environment.

7. The famous places of New york city : Top attractions of the central park =

1.Since 1980,park has been managed by the central park. 

2. The National Park 9/11 memorial and museum 

3.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

4. Statue of Liberty 

5. Empire State Building. 

6. Time Square. 

7.Brooklyn Bridge 

8. The High Line 

9. Top of the rock. 

10.The museum of Modern Art. 

11. New York Public Library.

 12.Washington square park.

8. The Famous culture of New York City is the Birthplace of many  cultural movements, including Harlem Renaissance in literature and the visual area in painting hip hop,plunk, salsa freestyle, Tin pan Alley, certain forms of jazz, along with the disco of music. New York has been  considered by the  capital of the world of dance.

9. Sports = National Football League headquarters of the New York  major league of the Baseball, National Basketball Association. The New York metropolitan area hosts the most sports teams.

10. Bank of New York is JP MORGAN CHASE.  the biggest bank in New York. assets hold more than $ 3.3 trillion.

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