Holi is the Most Popular Festival in India

Every Indian festival has a special ,but Holi is the one of the best and enjoyable festivals of all people. Holi is the most popular festival in India. Holi is a festival of the message of love. All people celebrate the Holi of the color.

Why Celebrate Holi ?

Holi is the Hindu cultural ancient festival. They are celebrated by the lunar Maas Hindu calendar in the middle of the march month of full moon day.

Everyone knows the story of Lord Vishnu and Devotee Praladha. Pralhad’s father was Hiranyakashapu . He was an Aasur. He does not like Lord Vishnu.  He was very arrogant. But Hiranyakashpus own son the Devotees of the Pralhad of devotees of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashpus hates the Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu decided to be  punished by his son Praladh. Holika was the Pralhad evil aunt. Sitting on the pyre with her.Holika  was wearing a cloak pyre. That made immune to injured.from fire while Pralhad was not injured. While Holika was totally burned, the cloak flew from Holika  encased Pralhad .Lord Vishnu becomes an Avatar Narsimha for beliefs from Hindu religion  and half human and half lion, and kills the Hiranyakashipu. 

How do you celebrate Holi In Our House ?

Holi festival is celebrated before night time .Prepared by the Holika Dahan Puja .People mark the holi  integration by the traditional holi by the dance and music of the circle. Decoration home, organize a holi party, create colorful rangoli for  messages by Radha Krishna’s love.

India’s Across Holi Celebration.

Holi is just not the color of the festival . Holi is the festival of love , spread of good thoughts and kill of bad thoughts. The history of Holi festival is the love story of Lord Kirsha and Radha. Playfully  applied color face on the Radha .The name of Radha Barsane Vali Radha, because Radha love spreads to every person .Vrindavan and Mathura have many types of celebrated Holi, flower Holi, mud Holi, color Holi, lathmar Holi etc.

  1. Rangpanchami in Maharashtra
  2. Kahila Holi in Uttarakhand
  3. Lathmar Holi In Uttar Pradesh
  4. Phaguwa in Bihar
  5. Yaoshang in Manipur
  6. Dola in Odisha
  7. Ukuli in Kerala

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